Svapna Vidya स्वप्न – विद्या (Hindi) by Kameshwar Upadhyaya

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Svapna Prakashika (Dreams and Omens) स्वप्नप्रकाशिका (Hindi) by Krishna Lal

Dreams And Visions Symbol Dictionary (Abridged Edition) by Colette Toach (2011 edition)

Dreams: Interpreting Your Dreams and How to Dream Your Desires by Victoria Price

The A to Z of Dream Interpretation by Pamella J Ball

Mundane Astrology by Raphael

Medical Astrology by Raphael (1932)

A Description of the Faces and Degrees of Zodiac (1879) by Raphael

The Guide to Astrology (Revised) by Raphael

A Manual of Astrology Or the Book of the Stars by Raphael