Tantrik Astrology: A Manual of Sidereal Astrology by Mike Magee

There are two systems of astrology: Sidereal astrology and Tropical astrology. Traditional Hindu astrology is based on Sidereal astrology which involves the study of the Wheel of Time or the Kalachakra; the planets and their influence; the influence of constellations or ‘Rashis’; the calculation of births charts; and much more.

Mike Magee has studied astrology for 25 years, studying both systems of astrology, making him familiar with the arguments of the Eastern and Western schools. In this work, he has attempted to synthesise the astrology of both East and West, drawing from his own experience and the works of the great astrologers of the past from both hemispheres.

Providing a rich understanding of Sidereal astrology, this work is rooted in the practical application of astrology as a spiritual tool.

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