Golden Keys to Jyotisha (Volume VI) by Marc Boney

Unlike previous compilations, this sixth volume of my collected works has no particular unifying theme but is rather a miscellany of topics. The 1st house/1st lord are among the most important factors in a birth chart and are the “pillar” upon which it stands. Many favorable yogas given in the ancient texts require that these two factors be “strong” in order for other planetary combinations to give their beneficial effects. The Pillar of Life provides a thorough, systematic methodology for assessing the strength and overall condition of the lagna/lagna lord, and teaches students a number of yogas that add power to the ascendant and its ruler.The proper use of the Vimshottari Dasha for timing events in a person’s life involves a process of seeing the overall condition and disposition of the dasha lord not just from the birth lagna, but also from alternative perspectives such as from the Moon (Chandra lagna) as well as dasha lagna. The latter means using the position of the major period lord as if it were the lagna and reading the patterning of the chart from there. In The Kaleidoscope of Time, I share my original research on this important principle of interpretation as applied to both the birth chart and key divisional charts, such as the navamsha, saptamsha, and dashamsha. The article concludes by initiating readers into a systematic methodology for the advanced use of the Vimshottari dasha for making predictions. The essence of Jyotisha is yogas and dashas. Yogas, or planetary combinations, show the potential for different life experiences resulting from the soul’s karma, or the fruits of their past actions in previous lives, while dashas, or planetary periods, show when in their lifetime an individual will experience these fruits. From this standpoint, the analysis of a birth chart in this system of astrology is largely a matter of identifying the yogas. In these modern times, this is not difficult since there are computer programs that will do this. However, the real skill in Jyotisha lies much more in the ability to assess both the magnitude and the quality of effect that a planetary combination will give, or whether it will even give any result at all. Using the well-known Gaja Kesari Yoga, or Elephant-Lion combination, Light on Yogas initiates students into a step-by-step methodology for assessing yogas in a birth chart and then illustrates this method with 12 sample birth charts.To thoroughly assess an individual’s karmic potential with regards to career success, achievements, and status in life, and to time significant related events, the ancient classics of Jyotisha recommend the use of the dashamsha, or the tenth division. The Tenth Part of Glory demonstrates how planets that appear in the lagna, or first house of this division, can give particularly spectacular results in their major periods when strong and configured in good yogas. This article also sheds light on the methodology for identifying which sub-periods will time the major events, as well as how this divisional chart can be used to rectify birth times. In a previous article published in the first volume of my collected works, I demonstrated how Venus-Rahu or Rahu-Venus periods oftentimes bring significant developments in a person’s relationship life, independent of their position or lordship in the birth chart or navamsha. Included in this were many examples of successful predictions of marriages made on this basis. In this follow-on article, I share my researches on how these periods can also mark momentous and even life-defining times in a person’s professional life, but only under certain conditions.

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