Golden Keys to Jyotisha (Volume IV) by Marc Boney

The Jaimini system of Jyotiṣa is a specialty of my teacher, K.N. Rao, and so it has become for me. Events can oftentimes be seen in a very simple and straightforward way using the special karakas and sign-based dashas of this system, something which I have referred to as “Elegant Simplicity.” All the articles in this fourth volume of my collected works deal with the Jaimini approach to birth chart analysis, beginning with a lengthy exposition of Chara Dasha, the primary predictive tool.

A seven-step process for interpreting any Jaimini sign-based dasha, as well as proven methods for predicting such major life events as career rise, marriage and childbirth are given here. These are profusely illustrated using the charts of world-famous personalities, as well charts from my own case files of successful predictions.

Questions about relationship and marriage are among the most frequently asked in an astrological consultation. The Mighty Mouse of Matchmakers demonstrates how the planet with the lowest degrees, known as the dara karaka in the Jaimini system, or the indicator of spouse, can be used to time when relationships/marriage come into a person life. It has been among the most popular of my articles.

The next most frequently asked question is about career life. In Courtesy of a King’s Courtier students learn how to identify periods of career rise using the planet with the second highest degrees in a birth chart. This planet becomes the amatya karaka in the Jaimini system, which literally means a minister in a king’s court, or in other words, a very important person. Using this karaka, along with Jaimini raja yogas, one can predict when a person’s status will increase.

There are a number of references in Maharishi Jaimini’s Upadesha Sutras to the Moon-Venus combination, and the effect it can have in both raising a person up in life and giving financial gains. A Sweet Lunar Love Affair instructs readers how to qualify this combination and to predict when it will give these results and when it will be more of a “little or no fruit yoga.”
One primary technique for using Jaimini’s sign-based dashas is to use the current sign period as a lagna and then interpret the planetary patterning from there. The Guru’s Clue refers to a passing remark K.N. Rao made when discussing from the Jaimini angle the period when Indira Gandhi first became Prime Minister of India. It clued me into the importance of seeing when planets form favorable house lord exchanges from a particular dasha lagna. This article instructs students how this principle can be used to predict, and also gives some combinations from the Jaimini Sutras for elevating a person in life when these appear from the karakamsha lagna.

My jyotiṣa-guru is fond of saying that it is a poor astrologer who only has one dasha with which to predict. The last article in this volume, The Frog Leap, teaches students a unique dasha in the Jaimini system that can only be applied to charts containing four planets in the angle houses, excluding Rahu and Ketu. It progresses in a unique way as well, making a “frog’s leap” four signs ahead each time, which is why is it called Mandook Dasha.

Once my students have mastered the basic principles of the more commonly known and utilized Parashari system of astrology, I strongly encourage them to learn the Jaimini system. Being able to apply the two systems together when examining the potentials of a time period can greatly increase predictive accuracy.

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