The Gnosis of Kali Yuga: Being a Summary of the Universal Science for the Awakening of Consciousness as Expressed Through the Esoteric Doctrine of Major World Religions by Aaron G L Adoni

The Gnosis of Kali Yuga penetrates into the most essential and practical aspects of the esoteric teachings that exist hidden within all great religions and spiritual doctrines. A vast range of schools and systems are explored and found to possess at their core the same essential qualities and ultimate goal: for a radical psychological change to manifest within the aspirant. This transformation occurs through the acquirement of gnosis, or self-knowledge, and only through this pursuit can one acquire true happiness and final liberation. Unlike many spiritual books, here we will find that neither vain beliefs nor a positive ideology is enough to sustain real contentment and triumph over life’s difficult ordeals. Rather, one must must work for an authentic awakening, an enlightenment, something that is brought about only through intimate self-analysis and fundamental change.

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