Sakun Phal (Effects of Omens) by K N Saraswathy

Since the ancient times, tradition of deciding the auspiciousness of time before starting any new work or important tour is prevailing in India. The indications given by nature are the basis for Sakun Shastra. Sakun Shastra is also known as ‘Omen Astrology’. Prior to any good or bad event, some disorder arises in nature. Our saints, on the basis of their experiences, categorised these events as fortunate or unfortunate. But, as a matter of fact, Sakuna are not fortunate or unfortunate in themselves, but they are just the indicators of desirable or undesirable. Before starting any new work, or before going for some important tour, the concepts of omen astrology are cross checked. Auspicious Shakun indicates the successful completion of work, whereas inauspicious Shakun indicates work loss. In ancient times, the kings used to give a lot of importance to those who used to tell about the favorable and unfavorable time. Before starting any new work, they used to consult them for their advice. As compared to humans, animals have better sense of understanding nature and time. Hence, most of the fortunate and unfortunate concepts are based on them.

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