Re-Understanding Saturn by Mridula Trivedi

“Reunderstanding Saturn” unravels several almost unknown aspects of Saturn. The book comprises of 9 chapters. The first chapter presents the spectrum of various roles Saturn plays, underlining the point that the exact influence Saturn can be ascertained by taking into account the house, sign, constellation and position of the birth-chart. The second chapter deals with vocation. The third chapter delineates Saturn in the 10th house and covers the aspect of fall from power. The fourth chapter sets out to explain sickness and death as a result of Saturn’s influence. The fifth chapter deals with what happens when Saturn is in the 7th house, while the sixth chapter elaborates the characterstics of Saturn in the 7th house and planetary positions. The seventh chapter has a focus on the transiting Saturn, which is the determiner of marriage. The eighth chapter exclusively depicts the misogamous role of the Sun and Saturn. The ninth chapter elaborates on the most enigmatic relationship of the Sun and Saturn, which causes many a havoc in individual native’s life.


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