Astrology Renovated: An Empirical Evaluation by T M Ramachandran Nambissan

A Mathematical overview of Vedic Astrology explained in very familiar terms giving out methods of evaluating your own horoscope giving you a mark sheet of your life based on the date, time and place of birth with special emphasis on your potent qualities and weakness which helps you in channelising your day to day activities to your maximum advantage. The book exposes the fake astrologers all over the world on how they exploit common public with myths and misconceptions in Astrology and the resultant ways of suggesting wasteful remedial measures using third party agents and very costly gems and precious stones etc.The book guides you through the algorithms of calculating the strengths or potency of the planets and how it influences your character, your success factor in various activities, your marital bliss, happiness in life, success in career and your personality in general using empirical absolute figures which helps you position yourself in the world’s scheme of things and compare with your peers, colleagues and friends. This age old science of astrology is now in the grip of your hands by reading this book with the help of computers and software to process the strength of your zodiac signs and planets influencing them.

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