Astrology and The Devas of the Planes by Patrick Mulcahy

An Exploration of the Inner Workings of Astrology. This book describes the esoteric mechanism of astrology. It presents a thesis based on the Theosophical principles taught by Master Djwal Khul in his books by Alice Bailey. These ideas form the foundation for a complete philosophy of esoteric astrology.

Excerpt from Basic Overview:

The esoteric science of astrology describes the interaction between two fundamental principles: consciousness and form. The form principle is represented by the Deva (or Angelic) Hierarchy, and the consciousness principle, here on Earth, is represented by Humanity. So we can look at the meta- science of astrology as portraying the dynamic relationship that exists between a human-being and the many angels that congregate around him, and that combine to form his physical expression and the local environment in which he lives.

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