Pluto – The Soul’s Evolution Through Relationships (Volume 2) by Jeffrey Wolf Green

For richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, you and your partners will meet again and again, over many lifetimes, until you work out the kinks. There’s no way to skirt the issue – your soul needs relationships to evolve. In this classic work Jeff Green clearly illustrates the evolutionary and karmic progression of two people throughout many lifetimes. By incorporating past-life dynamics with modern astrology, Green creates a powerful new paradigm…evolutionary astrology. Pluto II elucidates Green’s theory, introduced in Pluto I, that once you understand your past life dynamics, symbolised by Pluto, you will be able to focus on key astrological principles and methods that propel you forward. If you’re tired of making the same mistakes again and again, this is where you get the chance to evolve.

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Pluto – The Evolutionary Journey of the Soul (Volume 1) by Jeffrey Wolf Green