Vedic Astronomy And Astrology Through Science Wisdom and Commonsense by Sri Harsha Indrasena (First Edition)

This is the magnum opus of nearly ten years of my leisure-time research done on astrology and Vedic astronomy since 2011. The book contains original and philosophical thoughts of the author on many topics in astrology and Vedic astronomy that have been understood wrongly and/or incompletely and /or not at all to date. The first chapter deals with how astrology works. This question has been bewildering to both astrologers and non-astrologers. The author explains this issue in a novel and interesting way through Buddhism and science. In the second chapter issues related to Rahu-Ketu like the true vs. mean nodes, exaltation, debilitation and own signs, aspects etc. have been resolved. The confusion about tropical and sidereal astrology is addressed and sorted out in the. In the a chapter, the sidereal-seasonal year is explained. This term has been coined by the author. One chapter is on the Ayanamsha, Chaturyuga and the beginning of the Saka era. Also about the Yuga concept of the Surya Siddhanta and the Aryabhatiya is one and the same, and it is not Kaliyuga at present. These thoughts are completely opposite to the current belief. The meaning of the Ayana Chalana verses of the Surya Siddhanta is explained in chapter eight. It also describes the Vedic epochs, seasonal lunar/solar months and synodic lunar months. The Rashi based solar months are not Vedic. The extra months (Adhika Masa) and lost months (Kshaya Masa), as well as the ordinary months, are not correctly named in the current calendar. One of the most interesting topics in the book is the one in chapter dealing with the archaeological dates of the Gotama the Buddha. A novel (maybe unscientific to many) approach has been taken to resolve the correct date. There are many curious things to read and think in this text for both the ordinary and expert readers in the subjects of astrology, astronomy and archaeoastronomy. Hope this text would pave a new path to the way how people look, think and act.

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