Mantreswara’s Phala Deepika by S S Sareen

Study of Astrology is made through Samhita Siddhanta and Hora, The last is based on the Birth Chart of a native or the moment of his querry. Phaladeepika of Mantreswara as the title implies is Light to Phaladesh or a guide to Hora. Next to Parasara’s Hora sara, Phaladepike is the most off quoted Text Book on Astrology.
Mantreswara has in this masterpiece give a very deep and scientific study of the Effects of Transits and the cause and effect resulting there from. The Adh. On the Effects of Bhavas will be found by the reader as a very useful and informative guide to him. Equally interesting is the discovery through the Yogas. So is the revealing experience in the Adh. On Sarvatobhadrachakara. This book is so complete a study of the Subject that it has been recommended as a Text Book in several Institutions. Some of these reasons have prompted me to translate it into English.

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