Predict Through Jaimini Navamsha Dasha by Sachin Malhotra and K N Rao

Predicting Through Jaimini’s Navamsa Dasa This is an original research by an young researcher, Sachin Malhotra. It will answer the need of some of the many modern astrologers with honest and scientific approach to human problems. Astrology is the science of the sciences because an astrologer faces hundreds of questions which no science ever faced or will face. The questions put to an astrologer generally relate to Education, Career, Marriage, Children, Death, Illness and Property. I asked Sachin to show the validity of his research by dealing with these problems which he has done in six chapters and then summarized them in three Astro portraits. Use Chara Dasha which is the King of rashi Dashas of Jaimini and Vimshottari dasha which is the king of the Nakshatra dashas of Parashara. Then narrow down you reading and clinch then through conditional Nakshatra dashas and Jaimini’s Navamsha dasha as shown in this book. Remember when you are doing Jaimini there are only Seven Karakas, there is no charakaraka replacement. Sachin, in his thirty month astrological career has come out with a such a brilliant book which none of the more than twelve thousand students who passed out of the Bharatiya Vidya Bhawan, New Delhi, in the last twenty two years has ever done. That is the tribute to the high quality of teaching being imparted in the largest and most successful astrological school in the world. Navamsha Dashas are don at in fifteen different ways. In this book on of them has been revealed here for the first time

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