Narayana Dasa by Sanjay Rath

Maharshi Jaimini has advised (Upadesa) the use of some of the vital dasa systems as taught by Parasara (BPHS) of these the Narayana dasa (also popularly called padakrama dasa) is the best and most versatile. This book is the first ever on Narayana dasa. Starting with concepts that link the spiritual foundation of Hinduism to Jyotish, the author explains the basic principles of vedic astrology including Argala, Arudha Pada, Chara Karakas, Strength of signs etc. The methodolgy of calculation of period of dasa, its order is followed by details on judgement of results and umpteen case studies. Varga Narayana Dasa (i.e. Use of Rasi Dasas in divisional charts) has been explained with illustration for each division. The use of this dasa in Mundane Astrology showing the beginning and end of USSR etc. And Narayana dasa in Prasna and other charts. Lagnamsaka and Padanadhamsa dasa have been brilliantly explained with the underlying spiritual reasons, method of calculation and illustration. The two appendices on Pachakadi sambandha and Ghatak Rasi provide a ready reference for practicing astrologers. This is the greatest dasa in Vedic Astrology.

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