Sudarshan Chakra Padhati And Role Of Separative Planets For Married Life by Deepak Bhardwaj

Sudarshan Chakra Padhati is a very old Vedic method of studying the chart for predictive astrology. This book covers various examples for different problems in married life. This whole book is divided into two parts:-1. First part is about introduction and rules and combinations:-It deals with the basics and main principles of SCP (Sudarshan Chakra Padhati) and astrology. 2. Second part is about various examples:- 1. Widowhood. 2. Divorce (Male and Female combinations. 3. Issueless and divorcee [Male and Female]. 4. Late Marriage and Unmarried Male Natives. 5. Love Marriage 6. Late Issue. 7. Inter Caste Love Marriage 8. Early death of parents of the native. 9. Foreign settlement. 10. Sensible Husband.