Alive and Well with Uranus: Transits of Self-Awakening by Bil Tierney

Be prepared for the amazing changes that will happen in your life, indicated by the movement of Uranus through your chart, by reading “Alive and Well with Uranus” by Bil Tierney. “Alive and Well with Uranus” is a book for astrologers to better understand the meaning of Uranus, although even those with just a bit of astrological understanding will find this book of incredible value. This is because Uranus is known for abruptly turning your life around by a full 180 degrees. Uranus and its transits offer exciting times for you, when your future is ready to explode with fresh new alternatives for living. The key to getting through these changes is to be aware of them and work with them, rather than fight them. The best way to do that is to get “Alive and Well with Uranus. “-Learn about Uranus’ basic temperament and how it impacts your psychology -Explore the adventurous process of self-awakening that you undergo during those enlivened periods when Uranus transits your natal houses and planets -Lively, full explanations of Uranus: – In relation to your natal planets – In relation to your natal houses – In transit to all houses and signs Some people consider the motion of Uranus to be bad news-but the planet merely reflects your life, so don’t blame the messenger. Instead, learn what it indicates, so you can thrive instead of just survive. “Alive and well” is how you’ll emerge after transiting Uranus has made sweeping changes in your life, rewarding you with a greater awareness of your mind’s vast potential. “Alive and Well with Uranus “is upbeat, easy to understand, and sprinkled with humor. It will convince you that embracing, not resisting, a future of unknown possibilities can be quite fulfilling in the long run. Get “Alive and Well with Uranus” today.

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