Alive and Well with Pluto: Transits of Power and Renewal by Bil Tierney

Now you can understand how Pluto in your astrological chart is not a curse, but a notification that the time is right for personal development, when you get “Alive and Well with Pluto” by Bil Tierney. If you are new to astrology, or even if you have been practicing for some time, you may have felt that a visit from Pluto as it transits your chart is like a curse from the universe. Pluto bears powerful gifts that you may not appreciate just yet. As you read “Alive and Well with Pluto,” you will come to realize something different: when you shed enough of your illusions about yourself and life, the gifts of Pluto will be well worth any temporary difficulties you may face. To make sense of any Pluto transit, you will need to penetrate to the heart of internal conflict. You will have to play detective and track down a few critical leads that will help solve your own mystery as to why you are not finding fulfillment in your life. -Discover how to use the power of Pluto to master the most complex areas of your life -Learn how Pluto will allow you to better understand the lessons in your life -Witness Pluto’s miracle of rebirth: you’re gaining, not losing something valuable -Includes a complete interpretation of Pluto in each natal house -Gives the meaning of the planets in your birth chart, from a Plutonian perspective -Reveals the meanings of Pluto transiting each of the natal houses and planets Pluto’s energy will show how to overcome fears and self-doubts. Whether you are a professional astrology or just starting out, you must get the most complete reference to this planet ever, “Alive and Well with Pluto.

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