Tools and Techniques of the Medieval Astrologer (Part II) by Robert Zoller

Book Two: Astrological Prediction by Direction and the Subdivision of the Signs

For twenty years Tools and Techniques has been a leading text for the Predictive astrologer. this work is highly recommended to those who wish to learn and practice astrological prediction.

Tools and Techniques teaches the actual techniques used by medieval astrologers when Western astrology was at its height, over 700 years ago. This is a practical how-to text, based on Latin translations, with metaphysical and historical material, which help elucidate obscure and difficult facets of the art of Western Predictive astrology.

The Tools and Techniques trilogy are highly recommended to those who wish to grasp the practical application of Western predictive techniques and who wish to explore the metaphysical principles upon which they are founded. They are considered essential reading for the student of Western Predictive Astrology and are standard texts for those completing both the Foundation Course in Medieval Astrology and the more advanced Diploma Course in Medieval Astrology.

It should be emphasised that unlike many other works concerning matters of birth, life and death this is not a book of theory. Modern examples are given with full charts, tables and instruction. Determining the length of life is an important consideration for the predictive astrologer not least because there is no point in making predictions for a time when the native may be dead.

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