Impact of Rahu and Ketu by V K Choudhry

The impact of Rahu and Ketu is a key analytical factor in the of horoscopes. Whenever the chart is brought up for the analysis starts with the impact of the functional planets and especially that of Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and the key factor as they can impact six houses and the placed therein, if the placement of Rahu and Ketu is on or effective points of the houses of their placement. can bring frequent challenges in life and threatens. The close impact of Rahu on otherwise strong planets ness, greed, recklessness, short lived materialistic incidence of addictions and medication. Rahu and Ketu become more difficult during their sub periods them are placed in the malefic houses. When Rahu is exactly conjunct and Ketu exactly aspects the impact of both listing planets is simultaneous. Rahu and gives confused and selfish thinking. Ketu gives sufferings. When a person is in trouble and seeks an astrological the astrologer must explain the situation based on the influences seen by him/her. Sometimes people who seek Lion feel there is too much negativity in the explanation. is not so. It should be accepted in a positive manner, challenges exist in the birth chart and by following remedial advice, people can benefit and come out Sometimes it may take comparatively longer of more difficult situations.

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