Chiron, 2012 and the Aquarian Age: The Key and How to Use It by Tom Jacobs

When Evolutionary Astrologer and Channel Tom Jacobs asked several Ascended Masters what will happen in 2012, he was answered with new insights about how to understand Chiron and help people heal wounding related to it. After using the information for several years in his practice, he produced an eleven hour audio course to relay all he had learned as an astrology teaching. This groundbreaking material can be used to come out of victimhood once and for all, helping us connect with ourselves as the powerful, divine spiritual beings that we are.
This book is a transcription of that audio course. It covers 2012/the end of the Mayan Calendar and how it leads to the Aquarian Age, Chiron’s myth and archetypal process, and all the astrology of Chiron, all to enable astrologers and students to understand this view of Chiron from the Ascended Masters so the consciousness level of the Aquarian Age can be seeded firmly here and now.

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