An Astrological Guide to Self-Awareness by Donna Cunningham

With the main emphasis on the planets, Donna Cunningham provides an excellent overall introduction to chart interpretation and transits. It is obvious that this book is based on a great deal of practical experience working with astrology, and her extensive background in social work and mental health is a strong positive influence.
The approach to astrology here is all about empowering the individual. The planets mirror back to us the truth of our lives, and armed with this self-knowledge we can begin to take more responsibility for ourselves. The chart can help by showing more constructive uses of our basic traits. Cunningham is keen to avoid any cop-out as in blaming our chart or the planets for bad things in our lives. “Wrong thinking and wrong actions are at the root of most of our troubles” sums up her approach.
One unusual feature are comments on the meaning of the symbols for some of the planets and signs e.g. the glyphs for Jupiter and Saturn being upside down versions of each other. There are many other interesting bits and pieces. The final chapter is a very touching and moving account of an evening with astrological students who are recovering alcoholics, and their trip to an astronomical observatory.

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