Sex Signs: : Every Woman’s Astrological And Psychological Guide To Love, Men, Sex, Anger And Personal Power by Judith Bennett

Sex Signs is the ultimate guide to love for the astrologically minded woman. This dramatic marriage of astrology, psychology, and sexuality, based on countless hours of counseling experience, has provided thousands of readers with penetrating insights into themselves and their relationships. Here every woman can find advice on love, self-esteem, decision making, and the constructive use of anger and personal power. A vast revision of Sex Signs has been undertaken to bring the work in line with millenial attitudes towards relationships and sexuality. But the core that has kept women coming back to Sex Signs for years is unchanged: here is practical guidance for making emotional and sexual relationships work, attaining the liberating and fulfilling lifestyle that is every woman’s right. Annotation A unique marriage of astrology, psychology, and female sexuality, Sex Signs offers extraordinary tools for taking charge of one’s life. A practical guide to improved self-understanding, fulfillment and successful relationships. Reissue. About The Author: About The Author: Before her tragic death in a 1980 plane crash, Judith Bennett was the founder and president of the Life Crisis Counceling Clinic and of the Flexible Careers Counseling Center. A professional astrologer, Bennett spent her life studying love, intimacy, and human sexuality. She lived in Chicago.

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