Secrets of Nakshatras by Deepak Vishwanathan and Ram Vishwanathan

Unique to Vedic Astrology, nakshatras are constellations that add more depth to horoscope analysis. Learn about the 27 nakshatras, starting from Ashwini all the way up to Revathi, and uncover their secrets. You know the 12 zodiac signs, but did you know each sign can be further subdivided into nakshatras which changes the flavor of the sign ever so slightly? In this book, you will learn about each of the 27 nakshatras, its sign, its planetary ruler, its ruling deity, its qualities and its full array of characteristics (both positive and negative). This will help you delve much much deeper into the personality of the native. You will then look at a real life example (the horoscope of a former president), and look at how the nakshatras in his chart defined him as a person and a leader.

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