Nakshatra – The Authentic Heart of Vedic Astrology by Vic Dicara

The Nakṣatra Sūtra is a treasure found in the Taittirīya Brāhmaṇa, a branch of the ancient Yajur Veda. Because of this, it holds unique importance and unparalleled authority among nakṣatra texts, for it allows us to understand the nakṣatras in much clearer accord with the Vedic sages who originally envisioned them. I also supplement the book with other sections from the Taittirīya Brāhmaṇa that also talk about the nakṣatras, and with a section entitled, The True Story of the Nakṣatra Gods: a dramatic narration of the 27 nakṣatra divinities, focused on what is most relevant to their nakṣatra’s symbolism. This original work pulls together diverse Purāṇic and Vedic source material to paint a vivid picture of often unknown tales and details essential for fully understanding the subtleties of the 27 Vedic stars.

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