Jyotisa Fundamentals by Visti Larsen (First Edition)

“This publication is the result of a promise to my teacher, namely to teach on to others, what I have learned. The book is a contribution to the aspiring astrologers, with knowledge gained both from my personal association with my Guru, and the application of the same knowledge in my own experiences with my clientele. The book is meant to lift astrologers of a beginners or intermediate level up to an advanced level. To work on the core roots of the subject, the first chapter deals with the ‘Panca-anga’, or the five limbs of the Vedic calendar. This particular area of Jyotish is often overlooked due to lack of knowledge in application on part of the astrologer, and also the idea that it is merely a calendar system, and hence overlooked completely by astrologers following the Western Astrology System’. ‘To give a more practical use of the pancanga, I have introduced some very useful methods of application to identify flaws in the quality of time, and how it relates to the chart’ – Visti Larsen.

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