Astrology for the Millions by Grant Lewi

ASTROLOGY FOR THE MILLIONS should be one of your first basic books if you want to study astrology. And you do not need a computer to have your chart drawn. The book contains all the tables you need so you can go ahead. Not only the descriptions of the planets through the signs are revealing, the planetary phases (obscure period, periods of public rise, consolidation etc…) and transiting phases are a must know. In astrology for the millions you will find information you will not find easily in other books. A clear, simply-stated exposition of astrology, free of all the mumbo jumbo about dark men and dangers of accidents on long journeys which too often characterizes such works. With the help of this book the reader will discover his basic traits, his best possibilities, his capabilities, his attitudes and opportunities in love, marriage, business, travel and every other department of life.

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