Interpreting Divisional Charts: : An Innovative Approach Through the Destinies of Twins by N N Sharma (Guide K N Rao)

Not run of the mill. Not lukewarm, not mild but revolutionary is what the author N.N Sharma, a member of the teaching faculty Institute of Astrology Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan perhaps relishes for he unlocks the mysteries of the divisional charts with a shock treatment. It is sure to activate the brain cells of readers and make them think loudly. A timely initiative indeed that was due since long. The book is scientific in nature. The reasoning is convincing. It is now for us to apply the methodology and take forward this research. It is explained scientifically for the first time as to why some twin births within one to three minutes interval have different destinies. Divisional charts refer to the different facets of a person’s life. Except for Shastiamsa the meaning of the divisions of divisional charts have not been mentioned. The Shastiamsa was also not used much as it required a very precise and accurate record of the birth time. However the research carried out under the guidance of the our revered Guru Shri KN Rao have made the divisional charts popular.

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