Bhrigu on Predictive Astrology by K K Pathak

Bhrigu is one of the founders of Hindu Astrology. Except Pitamaha, Kasyapa and Narada, Bhrigu preceded all Hindu Astrologers. Parasara, Jaimini and Garga belonged to last part of Satya Yuga or early part of Treta Yuga. Even by the most conservative estimate he belonged to 5000-6000 B.C. Bhrigu preceded Sri Rama. Bhrigu’s son Parasuram was a contemporary of Sri Rama. Pitamaha had the seuperiority in mathematical astrology. Kasyapa and Narada had superiority in mundane astrology. But credit goes to Bhrigu to lay down a strong foundation of Hindu Hora Sastra. There have been four well-known schools of Hindu Astrology namely, Parasara School, Jaimini School, Yavana School and Jain School. But even more ancient has been Bhrigu School of Astrology. We have reasons to believe that Bhrigu Sutram is the compilation of original works of Sage Bhrigu. Sage Bhrigu on Predictive Astrology is quite a useful book. Many of the rules have been found to be amazingly true. There are many surprising things in Bhrigu which cannot be found elsewhere and yet they are amazingly true.

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