Advanced Techniques of Predictive Astrology (Vol I) by Vishnu Bhaskar

About the Book “Advanced Techniques of Predictive Astrology – A Vedic Treatise in Modem Times (Two Volumes)” covers all the three main sub-divisions of Vedic Astrology Samhita, Ganita and Hora with a focus on predictive techniques, It is in Ten Parts with Annexures. The following are the highlights: Part I – Horoscope Judgement includes Principles of Judgement of a Horoscope, Interpretation & Case Studies of Divisional Charts and Principles of Time Rectification in a Horoscope. Part II – Medical Astrology includes Principles of Medical Astrology and Longevity, Health and Diseases Interpretation & Case Study Longevity. Part III – Love, Relationship, Marriage & Progeny includes Strijatak Female Horoscope, Issues in Love, Relationships & Marriage, Marriage Parameters, Compatibility for Marriage & Relationships, Marriage Muhurta, Case Studies – Love, Relationships, Marriage & Progeny Principles and Case Studies on various aspects of Progeny. Part IV – Transit and Ashtakvarga includes Interpretation of Transit and Ashtakvarga, Rashi- wise forecast for Ingress of a Planet in a Sign & Monthly forecast for Persons bom in different Signs. PartV-Annual Chart includes Principles & Case Studies of Interpretation ofAnnual Chart. Part VI – Jaimini Shastra includes Jaimini Sutras A Holistic Summary, Case Studies – Chara, Chakra Prediction includes interpretation & case studies of Sarvatobhadra, Singhasan , Chhatra, Rahu Kaalanal, Kot, Sanghatta Rashi, Sanghatta Nakshatra, Sudarshan, Matrika Chakras, Koorma and other chakras. HR’ HTH (Swar Shastra). Part IX – Samhita Astro-meteorology includes Principles of Astro-meteorology, Short, Medium & Long Term Prediction, Case Studies – Predicting Weather, Rains and Crops. Part X Samhita Mundane includes Principles and Case Studies of Mundane Astrology. Commodity Price Trends and Case Studies.

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