Perfect Predictive Astrology (Best Techniques): Horoscope Predictions (Nakshatra Techniques) by Ram Babu Sao (last 2-3 pages missing)

Perfect Predictive Astrology (Best Techniques) is a unique book to make complete and accurate predictions for you and your family. This book provides some of the elementary and in depth essential elements and parameters for complete horoscope predictions. Many of the basics on Horoscope Predictions are explained in detail. The success comes only with the right actions at the right timing. This book provides the best predictions for successful ventures such as Education, Employment, and Business, Buying a House or Investing in the Stock Market and makes your life more beautiful than ever before. Money controls the way we live our lives, and this amazing readings will give you all the ways to earn sufficient money. By using the book, your life will be happier and prosperous. You need to take control of your financial future. It will allow you an insight into your own destiny. Many “psychic services” must be charging you as much as $50, $75, or even $100 from you for the prediction of only one event of life, but this book offers you a single instrument for accurate and fast reading of horoscope as many times as you want and that too at no extra cost. You can make money by using “Right Time” to attend anything, gain Power and Status using your own cycles that empower you toward success and avoid problems before they happen by knowing it at right time to act. Be Comfortable with gifts provided by the God, as you deserve them. Example: A case of “Foreign Travel” – Moon has an important role for Foreign Travel. House 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 12th house signify Foreign Travel. So, House is 1, 2, and 11 Negate Foreign Travel. Let us analyse planet Moon first. As per birth detail: Moon is in Pisces @ 080: 01’: 08”. From the Sign, Star Lord and Sub Lord table, U. Bhadrapada Nakshatra Lord – Saturn) and Sub Lord – Ketu govern the Planet Moon position @ 07°20’00’’ to 08°06’40”.(A) Planet (Moon): Planet (Moon) signifies the houses 11, (by position) and 3 being the lord: 3 & 11. (2) Nakshatra Lord-Saturn: Saturn signifies the houses 2, (by position) and 9, 10 being the lord: 2, 9 & 10. (3) Nakshatra Sub Lord-Ketu: Ketu signifies the houses 9 (by position) and 8 (by lordship): 9 & 8. (1) First Line – Planet-Moon: House 3, 1 x (+1) + house 11, 1 x (-1) = + 1 – 1 = 0. (2) Second Line – Star Lord-Saturn: House 9, 2 x (+1) = + 2 = + 2. (3) Third Line – Sub Lord-Ketu: House 9, 3 x (+ 1) + house 8, 3 x (+1) = + 3 + 3 = 6. Now, add the results obtained above: 0 + 2 + 6 = + 8. Result: The result is very positive (+ 8) for Foreign Travel. So, the Native will be busy in Foreign Travel certainly in constellation and sub lord time period, and will have many Foreign Travel journey.

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Perfect Astrology – Nakshatra : Learning and Predictions by Panchang and Nakshatra by Ram Babu Sao