Practical Ashtakavarga by Vinay Aditya

Ashtakavarga is a unique system of Vedic Astrology the Parallel of which is found in no other astrological system.
There are many books on Ashtakavarga that deal extensively with the calculation and pay little attention to the application part. Practical Ashtakavarga gives the most essential calculations briefly. The focus is on how to use Ashtakavarga in myriad situations in any kind of chart be it the birth chart, Divisional chart Horary chart, Mundane or the Varsha kundali.
Comparisons of bindus in different houses gives an overall idea of the life pattern. Principles have been enumerated and astrological common sense invoked.
Saturns transit (including Sadhe Sati) and the use of Ashtakavarga has been dealt with extensively alongwith simple as well as profound Nadi principles.
Use of Ashtakavarga in matching of horoscopes has been discussed in all its multifarious colors
Ashtakavarga helps in selecting the right Muhurta for any activity. What to look for and what to avoid has been explained through several case studies of many miserably failed and some gloriously successful satellite launches by ISRO.
How Ashtakavarga helps identify the kind quality and quantity of professional success has been explained outlining which dashas are more conductive to give good results. Several illustration of well known personalities discussed.
Ashtakavarga helps identify the weak parts of the body that are susceptible to disease. Detailed explanation given the medical case studies.
How to Use Ashtakavarga for recommending the appropriate gem stone or any other suitable remedial measure has also been described.
Rarely found benefic positions for casting the Bhinnashtakavarga of Kety given how can Rahu and Ketus dasha and transit be interpreted explained Based on Ashtakavarga progressively sophisticated methods

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