Determining Profession and Ups – Downs in Career by Sumeet Chugh

Unlike K.N. Rao’s book of a similar name, this book, Determining Profession- Ups and Downs in Career by Sumeet Chugh, gives hints at how to determine profession from Vedic charts. Also unlike Rao, the section on ups and downs is vast and includes many notable Americans.

Various Raja Yogas, Dhana Yogas, Poverty Yogas and Yogas for misfortune are explained in a very lucid language. Various situations like promotion, demotion, multiple professions, transfers, gain or loss in business etc. are explained with numerous illustrations making this the only book of its kind.

Determining Profession- Ups and Downs in Career concludes with travel in connection with profession and a list of nakshatras and professions, which I cannot recall seeing elsewhere. Superior to Rao’s, which was first published in 1993 Determining Profession- Ups and Downs in Career was published in 1995.

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