Planetary Harmonics of Speculative Markets by Larry Pesavanto

Larry Pesavento takes his study in the art of astro-finance, as taught in Astro-Cycles to the next logical level by the introduction of the Gartley “222” Entry Technique, “Moon Void of Course”, and “The Nature of the Market”. He includes a wealth of charted examples that provide “absolutely phenomenal” trend change dates with an explanation of the planetary and lunar, movements that precipitated these events. Other topics included are: Planetary Declinations and Retrogrades, hidden Fibonacci relationships, intertwined with lessons in attitude, money management, and discipline. Applies George Bayer’s principles to financial markets; proves the validity of planetary harmonics; shows results from thousands of hours of computer research by the author. Deals with human aspects of discipline, flexibility, and intuition. (less)


Planetary Cycles, Universal Harmonics, Natural Rhythms, Astrology, Hocus-Pocus-what is it?
At what level are we engaging the analytical process when we use the relative relationships of planets, the earth and the sun to try to make predictions about the timing and direction of various stock and futures markets?

In my experience in this adventure, which began seven years ago, I found that it is a statistical and an astronomical process that uses symbolism originating with the Babylonians and culturally overlaid meanings that have agglutinated through the high science of the Middle Ages on through the Copernican Revolution and subsequent “hardening” of the sciences until today.

How we see Julia and Madelbrot mathematics, coupled with the far reaches of quantum physics leading us back to the medieval thinkers and their holistic approach to the application of a variety of forms of analysis to life in unconventional, illogical non-Aristotelian and highly creative ways.

Science today. outside of the ossification of scientific cant and the religiosity of a frozen point of view, is, in fact, open at its most creative edges to considering the possibility that we really cannot explain “reality” in the realms of the five senses. Synchronicity plays a part. Other areas of impact that only approximate are roughly understood at this point.

What try to do is to apply several years of market experience, a great deal of research, reading and investigation in the relationship of planetary movements to the happenings on earth in markets with the objective of trying to make money. There is a high correlation in the observations that we have made between market highs and lows in certain planetary configurations although the fit is not exact and sometimes highs become lows and lows become highs, etc.

It seems that planetary relationships indicate what we call changes in energy, windows of time when it is likely that marketsmay do other than they have been doing. The objective is to add one more piece to the puzzle, to introduce another filter in the decision-making process for traders that will keep them out of bad trades and enhance the probability of being right and picking good trades at good times.

It is our feeling that timing is more important than price and thus a judicious use of the timing of that planetary alignment suggests it , can be a great aid to a person who had to deal with risk in the markets either from the point of view of protection in hedging or from the art of speculating.

Frankly, the greatest problem that we have is a lack of sufficient observations of the major planetary configurations that seem to have the greatest impact. Alignments, aspects, if you will. that occur every 144 years or 84 years or 502 years are hard to evaluate rigorously statistically. Because of poor records in the past and insufficient precision in exact dates of market highs and lows, it Is difficult to correlate exact connections. For example, wheat had a low in 1365, but when?

Today’s markets move by the minute. Thus, we can extrapolate a strong planetary impact in 1365 and assume the configuration has power. It does now, however, look very neat statistically. How to apply that precisely to today’s markets is a challenge that we try to deal with by incorporating other market filters and by differentiating the nature of the impact and precision of planetary allgnments by how fast they move around the sun. In effect, this is how heavy they are, or how far they are out from the sun.

The faster moving planets closer to the sun have more inUnediate effect but of shorter duration and less impact until you move beyond Mars. In all of this there is what we call an orb around an event date. The orb can be from one day to two weeks, depending on the planet and the configuration and where it is occurring.

It is possible frequently to use planetary relationships in a cycle approach at least to prepare your mind for possibilities in the market you might not otherwise be ready for, and for possibilities in life, such as earthquakes, volcanoes or general human craziness. If you play with stop-loss orders judiciously and if you are attuned to the market, even if planetary analysis is only right 60 percent of the time, the amount of money that can be saved and the profits that can be garnered when it is right more than compensate for a few imprecisions.



  • Introduction
  • About the Author
  • The X and Y Axis
  • The Opening Price
  • Confidence
  • Success as a Total Process
  • The Gartley “222” Entry
  • Technique
  • A Perfect Gartley “222”
  • Stock Index Futures
  • The Mental Edge
  • Tue Moon Void of Course
  • A Typical Tradtng Day
  • Anatomy of a Crash


  • Mercury Changing Speed
  • The Holy Grail
  • Mercury Speed in Geocentric
  • Longitude of 59′
  • The Winning Attitude
  • Venus Conjunct Sun Geocentric
  • Timing
  • Venus Heliocentric Latitude at 0°
  • Winning and Losing
  • More
  • Winning and Losing
  • Mars and Venus 1n Perihelion
  • The Nature of the Market
  • Mars at 16° 35′ of Any Sign
  • Money Management
  • Not Doing
  • Mercury-Mars Speed Differential of 59′
  • Discipline
  • Mercury-Mars 161 ° Aspect


  • What ls Real?
  • Planetary Harmonics Ustng the Astro Analyst
  • Treasury Bonds with Venus-Uranus Aspects
  • Goal Setting is Goal Getting
  • The Venus-Uranus Fibonacci Cycle
  • Microcosm and Macrocosm
  • Treasury Bonds with Moon Conjunct Mars
  • Intuition
  • Fear and Greed
  • Treasury Bonds with Mars Changing Signs (Geocentric)
  • Flexibllity
  • Treasury Bonds with Mars Changing Signs (Heliocentric)
  • Taking Time
  • Dow Jones Industrtal Averages with Jupiter Declinations
  • Safety in Numbers
  • Dow Jones Industrial Averages with Mercury Retrogrades
  • Death as an Adviser
  • Dow Jones Industrial Averages with Jupiter Retrogrades
  • Bibliography

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Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading by Larry Pesavanto

Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading by Larry Pesavanto

Profitable Patterns for Stock Trading by Larry Pesavanto