Mansagari Paddhati (An Astrological Treatise) by Harji – Translated into English by P K Vasudev – Vol I

“Maan Sagari is amongst a few ancient treatises which was composed in the primeval time.Although the exact origin of this text is not known,some scholars trace it to the 16th century.This astrological text however,has assumed remarkable importance for its unique and special treatment accorded to the intricate and complex features of this pristine monograph.Most of its assertions and expositions were so original,fundamental and creative in character that the learned astrological seers defined this peerless Grantha as MaanSagari Paddhiti.This text holds a most distinguished position amongst the great ancient astrological classics whose innovative and rare principles and dictums became most efficacious oracles and authoritative predictive tools.These pronouncements are believed to be based on Parasari and Bhrigu schools of thought.
Maan Sagari adduces certain critical and important features of distinct character which no one else has ever attempted.Like,in addition to birth Ascendant,the effects from the Moon and Navamsas Ascendants have also been included to provide for an emphatic study of a birth chart and to get accredited results.The other distinctive topic of ancient character included in the text is related to Chakras which are the integral part of predictive astrology and can be employed for the instant results.These and many more add on memorable features in the text will provide strikingly effective and unique expositions to the esteemed readers.
Maan Sagari surged new frontiers in Dasa systems.This is the only known dissertation which portends cogent effects for Astottari and Yogini Dasas. These Dasas have become the tangible components of the horoscope in the present time and are explicitly referred to for the affirmation of results.
In fine, Maansagari Paddhiti, as textual nomenclature suggests, is the unique system of delineating the horoscopes.It is a complete text explaining the use of many Yogas, different Dasa systems and various Chakras.There is no other text which deals with all these lesser known tools of prognostication in Vedic Astrology.
This is a comprehensive and monumental primordial text of Vedic science which holds key to many baffling doubts lurking in the minds of avid readers and astute practitioners in this field.Compiled in two volumes with over 120 horoscopes including some of the most eminent personalities world over,to impart validation to many rare and pithy aphorisms propounded by the author.”

Mansagari Paddhati (An Astrological Treatise) by Harji – Translated into English by P K Vasudev – Vol II

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