Charisma of Kendra Houses by Raj Kumar

\The lagna is basically a reference point from where the various houses in a chart are numbered. The lagna is not synonymous with the ascendant although often used interchangeable. A chart should be delineated from a number of reference points, known as Alternate lagnas in order to give us additional clues. The strongest among Ascendant, Moon & Sun should be taken as lagna. These houses are clubbed into various groups. The first, fourth, seventh and tenth houses are called Kendra, Vishnu Sthans, angular or cardinal houses, implying that they are the center or core of the chart. As lord Vishnu looks after the welfare of the entire universe, the Kendra Houses acting as foundation & pillars of the horoscope, sustains the entire edifice of one s life. Each of the four Kendras, represent one of the basic goal of human life-1st house is part of Dharma Trikone, 4th house of Moksha Trikone, 7th house of Kaam Trikone and 10th house karmas of the native, his means of livelihood, name & fame; 4th house all types of comforts, luxuries, property & education; and 7th spouse, partnership, padprapti, foreign settlement, diplomacy & public relations. The cycle of birth, love & care, death and Karma, which sustain life, are well integrated with the strength & quality of Kendra houses. The Kendras are the major factor in the combinations called Panch Mahapurush and Chatussagar Yoga, which are of rare individual greatness and bestow a great and unique magnetic influence to follow. They also denote native s dynamic involvement in social environment around him. these are very important houses and all the important events of a native s everyday life hinge around them. it is necessary to have a deep understanding of these four houses, which reveals the life as it is lived in the physical world. Taken together, they represent the immediate nature of human impulses. As the immediate is the most important aspect of one s life, the Kendra houses are of supreme importance.

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