The Circle of Stars Intro to Indian Astrology by Valerie Roebuck

It’s a marvelous and accurate introduction to India’s astrology. Recent books on India’s astrology (now termed Jyotish or “Vedic”) have inadvertently let modern western concepts slip into the text. This fault is not present in Valerie Roebuck’s text.

Roebuck uses Mikhail Gorbachev as her example chart, which dates the book to the early 90s (first publication date 1992), and she uses the Fagan-Allen ayanamsa which has been superceded by India’s Lahiri value. But this is a small imperfection in the book. The astrological principles in the text are stellar. It’s very unfortunate that Roebuck’s book is out of print. It’s the first book I recommend to students who want to lean about India’s astrology.

This book won’t teach you how to read a horoscope, but it will give you a solid and true foundation in India’s ancient form of astrology

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The Upanishads by Valerie Roebuck