Predicting Effectively through Yogini Dasha by V P Goel

Like all other books of Sri V P Goel, the book on Yogini Dasha is very enlightening. The Yogini Dasha is a simple system of just 36 years for astrological timing of events with alternating Yogini periods for good and bad times. But how this Yogini Dasha is a microscopic view of Vimshottari Dasha system has been brought out admirably by Sri Goel. The research on how Nakshatras generate the Yoginis is very interesting and can be adopted easily for more accurate forecasting. The recasted birth chart keeping the Nakshatra sign as the Lagna – a progressed Lagna system, is very interesting and produces good results as shown in the book. A must read for both beginners and mature astrologers as well.

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