Significant Mundane Events Through Transit Navamsa by S S Gola

Contents: Preface to the first edition; 1. Planets; 2. Houses; 3. Kurma chakra; 4. Mars Saturn conjunction; 5. Saturn Rahu conjunction; 6. Saturn influence on Sun; 7. Retrograde planets; 8. Oath ceremony charts; 9. Timing of events through transit navamsa; 10. Will Congress return to power again?

Comment: A text on mundane astrology, and not lifted from Raphael. Of interest, the Kurma Chakra chart, where Varaha Mihira divides India into nine parts, and for each, 3 nakshatras are assigned. It can be applied to any country: Divide the country into nine sections (like a tic-tac-toe board). Start in the center, then go east, then south, west, north & back to the east, assigning the proper nakshatras. Omitting one or other section (the center?), seven planets & Rahu can be assigned as well. In transit navamsa, an event triggers when a planet: retrogrades, becomes direct, goes combust, rises from combustion, changes sign & then “the malefic planet closely influences the benefic/malefic planet(s) in transit.” (pg. 65) Which was not very clear to me. In chapter 10, “Congress” is the name of the principle political party in India. With many example charts, all for events in India.

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