Time Tested Techniques Of Mundane Astrology by MS Mehta and A Radhika, Guided by K N Rao

This is the best ever in the market. Mundane Astrology needs to be gone into with lot of depth and new researches these days when the globalized world gets so closely interconnected and affects the world. In  the year 2008 for example the biggest financial disaster of USA has affected so many nations and Iran’s Ahmaninejad has started describing it s the end of the “American Imperialism”.

These events are seen, have been seen and astrological warnings have also been given in advance by Hindu astrologers, with a high percentage of success.

Mundane astrology is not confined to predicting the rise and fass of politicians only as seems to have become a common notion in the media, particularly the print media, but its range is unlimited and fathomless. Lack of adequate birth data of important men and nations can lead and astrologer into dangerous traps and result in wrong predictions. Judging and astrologer on the basis of these wrong predictions is not correct.

Try the brilliant techniques given in this book of M.S Mehta and A. Radhika, repeatedly and see for yourself the brilliance the efficacy and the accuracy of these time tested techniques of Hindu astrology. For the first time some of the techniques of the late Hardeo Sharma Shastri are being revealed here.

This book is based on deep and replicable researches throughout as chapters after chapters reveal.

The most remarkable features of this book which will remain unparalleled is that it illustrates every point though a horoscope and the horoscopes are used are more than one hundred which no writer of a book on mundane astrology has ever done anywhere in the world.

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Time Tested Techniques Of Mundane Astrology by MS Mehta and A Radhika, Guided by K N Rao

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