The Mystery of Rahu by Shiv Raj Sharma (Guide K N Rao)

This book will be remembered as an outstanding and classical research of this country.
Some of the outstanding features of the book are:
  • It is written most scientifically as astrology books are rarely written.
  • The style of writing this book is most novel and most lucid.
  • It first states all the classical principles known about Rahu.
  • It then proceeds to supplement them with very original and fundamental researches which in themselves open out a new horizon for the modern astrologer.
  • All these are fully illustrated with nearly one hundred horoscopes which include divisional horoscopes.
  • Finally it shows how Rahu has to fulfill all the three functions, the creative, the protective and finally destructive. It thus removes the apprehensions that exist in the minds of astrologers who have treated Rahu as only a malefic.
Rahu can raise your hopes is what you must know. But how and when is what you must learn.

This is one of the best books on Rahu covering various aspects of the mysterious planet. The book explain both types the good and positive side of Rahu and the well known negative and destructive side of Rahu.

Ashtakvarga – Concepts and Application by MS Mehta and Shiv Raj (Hindi)

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Karmic Control Planets Rahu Ketu by Manik Chand Jain

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Grah Vichar (all 9 Planets)- H N Katwe (Hindi)

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