Analysing Horoscope Through Modern Techniques by MS Mehta

A book that provides readers with a step – by – step approach to deal with the intricacies of astrology and to comprehend astrology in an easier manner, Analysing Horoscope Through Modern Techniques by M S Mehta has been written to cater to the needs of students and those interested in astrology.

The book describes the correct method to predict and to do so in an easy and quick manner and in minimum time. Basic questions pertaining to astrology like wealth, career, possession of house, intelligence, travelling abroad, personality, relationships, especially marriage, etc are dealt with in this book.

The book describes all the astrological houses starting from first to twelfth. It also presents the transit of planets and its consequence and sade sati and its implications. A chapter in the book is also devoted to dashas – both auspicious and inauspicious, their results and interpretations. Nakshatras and their role in muhurta are also described in this book. The author has also explained divisional charts. All important yogas, Rajayogas Nabhas and their relevance in astrology are explained. A special mention of the method to predict world events is also there. Even topics like the role of eclipses, comets, planetary position and earthquakes have been discussed. It explains how all these things have an impact on the life of a man. Interesting topics like the horoscope of independent India on August 15 and on January 26, 1950 have also been explained. The vast range of topics also include the transit of Gemini and Indian affairs, the entry of rahu, communal riots and even the forecasting of rain.

Analysing Horoscope Through Modern Techniques was published by Motilal Banarsidass in 2002. It is available in paperback.

Key Features :

  • The book has an introduction to the various planets and their implications regarding the lives of human beings.
  • All the houses and the impact of planets, dashas and yogas have been presented in this book.

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