Astrology and Diagnosis by S G Khot

Astrology and Medicine are intimately linked in as much as the science of healing forms an important part of remedial astrology. KARMA finds manifestation in physical, mental and spiritual planes, the resultant of evil Karma on the physical plane is disease and medicine is the first shanti or remedial measure for the alleviation of human suffering.

Modern Doctors would do well to lay aside their prejudices and make use of astrology for the diagnosis and treatment of diseases. When properly applied astrology would quickly determine the seat of disease in the patient. Modern inventions and researches in various branches of science, including medicine, have been useful for the betterment and well-being of humanity as a whole. Yet there is something hidden which cannot be detected by the stethoscope, ‘X-ray’ or modern equipment and, there, there is a vast scope for application of astrology for diagnosis, even today.

Horoscope is a very potential instrument for the diagnosis of the diseases as well as for taking preventive measures well in time. A doctor resorts to microscope when in doubt and wants exact cause of the disease. Astrologer makes use of Navamsa and Dwadasamsa charts. Thus he has also finer instruments in the diagnosis of a disease. Thus astrology can help as an aid to medical diagnosis.