Vrddha Yavana Jataka of Minaraja Vol 2 (Classic) by David Pingree (Sanskrit)

Yavanajataka is one the earliest known Sanskrit works referencing western horoscopy.[4] It was followed by other works of Western origin which greatly influenced Indian astrology: the Paulisa Siddhanta (“Doctrine of Paul”), and the Romaka Siddhanta (“Doctrine of the Romans”).
The Yavanajātaka (Sanskrit: yavana ‘Greek’ + jātaka ‘nativity’ = ‘nativity according to the Greeks’) of Sphujidhvaja is an ancient text in Indian astrology. The date of the Yavanajātaka according to Mak is now revised to between 4th and 6th century CE.


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Vrddha Yavana Jataka of Minaraja Vol 1 (Classic) by David Pingree