Nadi Astrology – Accurate Predictive Methodology by Umang Taneja

Here is a book which covers all the major events of life of human being in an exhaustive and scientific manner. This book doesn’t talk of any yoga & old myths and/or so many rules and principles which contradict each other and take the reader nowhere. It has accurate methodology which is able to explain and predict all the major events of life of a human being, without confusion.In fact there is neither a single book available in Astrology which explains the important events of life of a human being in an exhaustive way, nor it gives formulations & timing of fructification of the events. “Accurate Predictive Methodology” is first humble attempt in this direction. This book is unique in the sense that for the first time any Author has written a book in a scientific & exhaustive manner dispelling all the doubts & confusions in the minds of students of Astrology.After having read the book the reader will be pleasantly surprised since it will convey him information & knowledge which has been eluding the Astrologers.


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