Predicting Through Chatursheeti Sama Dasha – A Conditional dasha of Maharishi Parashara: An original research by Naval Singh

Another landmark research in Vedic Astrology. Chatursheeti Sama Dasha is a conditional dasha of Maharishi Prashar and applies to all those horoscopes where the 10th lord of the horoscope is in the 10th House i.e in its own house. Very well researched book. Each case study is explained in a simple and lucid way. Over 30 horoscopes analyzed. This book not only analyses the horoscopes using Chatusheeti Dasha for each of the 12 lagnas, it also makes for excellent book on interpreting horoscopes. Students of Vedic Astrology will learn how principles of horoscope interpretation are used in actual practice especially for dashas.

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