Daivagya Acharya Shri Ram’s Muhurta Chintamani by Girish Chand Sharma

In the ultimate analysis, like any branch of learning, even “Muhurta Jyotish” essentially aims at maximizing human welfare: success and happiness. And for achieving this goal, “Muhurta Jyotish” deals with a system to determine specific epochs of time (or muhurtas) which would ensure successful and happy endings of various activities or events of life if initiated during those auspicious periods. Thus Muhurta Jyotish can help identify more favourable periods for starting and successful operation of various significant activities of life including business, industry, government or other social institutions or functions like marriage, journey or even starting the medical treatment of an ailment. In this backdrop, “Muhurta Chintamani” a 16th century text is by far the most exhaustive and time-tested treatise on the subject. Its author Shri Acharya Ram as well as his nephew Shri Govind Davagya wrote two separate commentaries on this text. These commentaries have no doubt been very useful, however, additional information and concepts have been profusely drawn from various sources to explain certain concepts and axioms in the book. Though this text deals with “muhurta”, it has some very significant and rare principles for use in predictive astrology making use of the pentad: week day, date (Vedic), star, ‘yoga’ and ‘karan’ besides planetary movements through zodiac. The author has chosen to present the whole text in thirteen sub-divisions concerning various portfolios of life to determine the most auspicious muhurtas for marriage, journey and other social or economic activities and events like starting business, industry, profession, service, investments, medicine or investments/market fluctuations. Even choosing a town to settle down has been given importance. Whenever necessary remedial measures top dispel inauspicious influences have been given.

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