Maharshi Jaimini’s Jaimini Sutram by P S Sastri

PREFACE The Sutras of Jamini on Astrology known as Upadesha Sutras are in four chapters.There are in all 936 Sutras (aphorisms).Way back in 1937, the present translator and commentator was introduced to Jamini’s Sutras by persons trained on traditional lines and in 1984-85 he published his lessons in Jamini Astrology in the Astrological Magazine Bangalore as well published in Telugu a detailed exposition of Jamini System of Astrology. The author of these Sutras is Maharishi Jamini.This author is diffrent from the other great sage Jamini,the author of the Purva Mimansa Sutras in twelve chapters.He is also diffrent from the Jamini of the Brahmana-section of the Samhita, and from the others appering in Maha-Bharat and the Puranas.

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