Single Women and Astrology: Guide K N Rao
Sarla Prasad (Author), Shrirama Mishra (Author), Shalini Dhasmana (Author), Draupadi Rai (Author), K. N. Rao (Author)

This book is a unique astrology study of Single Women of India which would be most useful in the fast changing society of India of twenty first century. We are using the word “single” for unmarried women and drawing a distinction between unmarried women who are mothers and single woman who are not mothers. The same four woman astrologers, Dr. (Mrs.) Shrirama Mishra. Dr. (Mrs.) Sarla Prasad, Mrs. Shalini Dhasmana and Mrs. Draupadi Rai who earlier produced the onograph on “Delayed Marriege of Girls” have now produced this book “Single Women and Astrology”. Some generations ago it was unusual to come across cases of single women India. Particularly in the Hindu society thought it is well recognised that in ancient India women could remain single and serve the society in various capacities. Prof Altekar refers to two types of women, the Brahmavadinis and Sadyovahas. Brahmavadinis did not marry and were lifelong students of theology and philosophy. Sadyovahas pursued studies upto the age of 15 or 16 when they got married. Brahmavadinis used to aim an excellence and did Vedic studies which in later puritanical times was denied to them by orthodox Hindus. It is better to see the horoscope of a girl. A marriageable woman from an astrological point of view early enough to advise her parents who want to plan the future of their daughters. It is a unique astrological study which works repeatedly if the astrological parameters given here are applied with intelligence.

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