Pataki Risht Chakra  by Shalini Dhasmana (Guide K N Rao)

Pataki Rishta Chakra is one of those rare techniques of astrology. It is popular among the astrologers of Assam, Garhwal who use with great accuracy in predicting Arishta (difficult times) and chances of recovery in case of a child, seriously ill, upto to the age of 24 years or so. 40 horoscopes analysed to show the working of this brilliant technique. The author is confident that in case of children we can predict congenital defects, or harm to the child during the nine months of gestation period in the mothers womb or even the paternity of the child apart from the DNA test. This is an Original research and already been tested on charts of children born deaf and dumb. Read the book and convince yourself about the dependibility of this Chakra.

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