Sarvarth Chintamani (1899) Classic by B Suryanarian Row

Sarwarthachintamani is a splendid work on horoscopy or predictive astrology written by Sri Venkatesha Daivagna. This translation into English by Prof. B. Suryanarain Rao (1856 – 1937) extends over almost 2000 stanzas of the original work in Sanskrit with copious notes and brings to the reader for the first time an authentic and true rendering of the text. The elaborate commentary, the simple but clear explanations and the numerous illustrations proceeding from Prof. Rao`s rich experience of over 60 years in predictive astrology add to the worth of the volume. Sarwarthachintamani is one of the most exhaustive works on astrology and the translation is exceptional and brilliant in bringing out the spirit of the original author. Astrological principles dealt with in this book provide the most reliable information on marriage, nuptials, delivery, yogas, interpretation of Dasas, analysis of Bhavas, generally scattered here and there in other volumes are brought together here in a simple, yet appealing style both by the original auther Venkatesha and the translator Prof. Suryanarain Rao. With the aid of this book, analysis of the horoscope and timing of events become easier. This translation covers the entire portion of the predictive section of Sarwarthachintamani. No student of astrology can afford to miss such a useful treatise encompassing in a single volume all that is needed to make one a successful astrologer. A never-to-be missed translation from one of the best authorities on astrology.

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